ThirdEye Technologies strives to provide a full end-to-end solution for your company. Within that goal is to provide any part of that full solution. One of the most important parts in our relationship with the client is the support and maintenance aspect of our services. Many Companies shy away from this aspect of technology, and want to completely deal with the development of solutions. We here at ThirdEye Technologies feel that this is the crux of the relationship, simply because this is post-production. This is where the solution we develop will strive and grow with your company to meet all of your business needs.


ThirdEye Technologies not only looks to support and maintain the solution we develop, but we will also support and maintain the current technology of your business. Our expertise is vast in infrastructure of all types as well as support in 2 tier and 3 tier systems, Network analyses, Database Management, Integration and Desktop Support. There are different approaches we take to help your company deal with the support and maintenance of the technology used. We can develop contracts where our 24 hour, on-call service will resolve all issues, we can train your people in the best practices for support, we can host any web-based solution and handle all aspects of support and maintenance. In essence, ThirdEye Technologies will conform to what your business needs and we will help deliver a solution that is most efficient and logical.